Flip Flappers Episode 1: Shelter from the Storm



From the outset, Flip Flappers is an extensively kinetic show – the first minute or so shows the boundlessly energetic Papika crashing through a tunnel with her robotic companion in tow. This contrasts wonderfully with the more sedate, anxious tone seen in the scenes with Cocona, who spends her time on a test rather than engaged in the art of play and freedom. This sort of contrast works beautifully for the show – Cocona feels uncertain about herself right now, as she dwells on the present, but Papika enjoys the moment, the thrill of adventure. It doesn’t become clear from the outset, but Cocona has reservations about her life – the episode opens with a close-up of a digital clock showing how much time she has to complete the test, and it has two stylized human heads facing each other, symbolizing both the fateful encounter she will have with Papika and her gradual awakening to a new world and new possibilities, where she is free to pursue the fantastic at her leisure without the worries of school life.

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