Anime and Depression



Viewers of my old blog may remember a post I wrote describing my depression, anxiety and Asperger’s – right now, I’m currently in the midst of constructing a new blog, since I deleted my two previous ones after depression particularly hit me, and I still feel depression from time to time. As of this moment, I’m a bit nervous (curse my sleep schedule!), but I’m grateful for being able to write again after a couple months; I think writing in and of itself is therapeutic, because it allows me to relax and write about something I thoroughly enjoy, thereby helping me overcome my depression.


After having a bit of a burn-out on anime, I felt overwhelmed by everything, and took a few months to simply relax – with my two earlier blogs now gone, I have time to recover and start anew. Right now, I’m watching Flying Witch, and it instantly became one of my favorite series because of its calming pace and tranquility of scene; it really reminds me of Non Non Biyori in that respect, because Flying Witch excels at showing human interaction in a tranquil countryside setting, outside the noise of the city. It’s something I really enjoy watching precisely because I can feel happy – everybody needs something calming to soothe their nerves, and this particular show seriously helped me in that regard.




I’ve been watching One Piece, as well, but that’s an action-oriented show, replete with fighting scenes and intense story arcs focusing on the Straw Hat Pirates defeating their foes; Flying Witch is more up my alley because it more slow-paced and relaxing to watch, allowing the characters to shine through. As said, I have depression and anxiety, and I occasionally find myself too depressed to even think about anything. Thankfully, I have friends and family who seriously help me through, and I can’t thank them enough for their support; anime’s also been a major source of happiness for me, for shows such as Flying Witch remind me to take things easy.


I seriously ought to look back on all the anime I’ve seen – Japanese animation really helped me through my depression, and right now I’m looking for something to get me through another rough patch. It feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to simply step back and relax; my cycles of depression and anxiety come and go, but they feel like forever when they arrive, and I’m seriously bummed out by it all. Right now, I’m thinking of simply not watching as much as I used to, to avoid the sense of burn-out that I recently got – any medium can cause that, and I realize that now about anime. Still, I want to enjoy anime for what it is; it’s been my favorite hobby alongside film studies in general, and I find myself looking back at all the fun times I had watching any given animated series. Hopefully, my new blog would be as successful as my previous two – Anime Commentary on the March was my first foray into WordPress, and it helped connect me with anime fans around the world, so I thank everyone who’s read it, and hope that my newest endeavor will be just as awesome.

One thought on “Anime and Depression

  1. Hello there! I know what you mean by feeling burned out on anime and wanting to quit blogging. It has been happening to me every three or four months. But then, I find myself less happy for not blogging and even in giving up my favorite hobby–no matter how many times I tell myself “Anime is not as good as it used to be” or “There is probably something more worthwhile I can be doing.” Bottom line is that if one loves to write, one must write. And anime, even though everyone needs a break here and there, has some of the most interesting stories one can watch.

    So, I hope that you keep your good work up and are able to connect with many other fans of anime! Good luck overcoming depression also: it’s a seemingly endless fight, but we are often at our bravest when we can’t run.


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